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"I just finished a seat bead kit bought from Garvin Motorsports. Very easy to get good results. Anybody looking to do a kit at home with pro results this is it. No voids no mess. We have tried the pour in type before and we had problems...... I would definitely go the beaded seat way again."Andy, Atlanta, GA



Voted the easiest kits to use!                 Why choose our insert kits over the competition? The customer below attempted to make a pour in insert. He first read the instructions and viewed a video. Following all the directions precisely, the outcome was a disaster. This is not uncommon!  After seeing how user friendly our bead system is, Jim wanted you to know his feelings.  Another happy customer!

Top Fuel Champion Jim Murphy's Choice

Here's what our customers are saying...

"It's so comfortable.....it's unbelievable!"

 "Big Daddy" Don Garlits

Don Garlits
"Big Daddy" Don Garlits

Some other driver's comments are:
  •   "Perfect!"
  •   "I love it!" 
  •   "It's so comfortable I could sleep in it!"
  •   "Never felt better in a race car."
  •   "My reaction times have improved."
  •   "The seat is awesome!"
  •   "No more aches and pains on Monday."
  •   "Can't believe how light it is."
  •   "Feels just like my Cup car."
  •   "I should have done this years ago."
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Clint Thompson
Clint Thompson

Hello all and Merry Christmas from lovely cold Klamath Falls, OR. (it was 6 degrees this morning when I came to work I guess winter is here)
Just wanted to post my experiance with Jeff Garvin and the seat insert he made for my car. WOW this is awesome!
I thought that being a large driver I would probably just end up with a "lumbar support" for an insert, boy was I wrong. There are a lot of voids when you are sitting in the car that you don't even realize. The seat is so comfortable I could have sat in the car another hour, totally "hugs" your body and makes you feel part of the car. Forget about the fact that this is a requirement and get it just because it is better.
When he buckled me in and sinched the belts I was like "come on pull them down" and I was welded in the car but didn't feel like it. It is great and comes out looking totally professional and very nice.
The other thing I can share is it is quite a process to properly make one of these seats. There are special tools required and a technique that needs to be perfected before you could make a nice one yourself. Jeff has done more than 30 of them and spent over 10 hours working on mine. I can only imagine how long it takes if you don't know what you are doing.
Bottom line is this, Jeff did a GREAT JOB, was nice to be around and my seat is very nice. I have absolutley no regrets in deciding to pay him to do it versus trying to do it myself (and I am a do it yourself kinda guy). You could very easily end up buying two kits to do it yourself if you don't have someone who has done it before and knows the tricks, and / or end up with a seat that isn't very nice or comfortable.
I can't wait to drive the car with the insert, I think it will be a lot better.
Happy New Year to everyone!
Clint Thompson 12-21-07

Jeff Veale
Jeff Veale



"I would have to say the same here. Jeff Garvin came out & did a great job, for us as well. The fit and finish was perfect."

Jeff Veale Racing



Mike Kosky
Mike Kosky



"Jeff Garvin just did ours and it turned out very form fitting and just like his web site.

Must say there is a lot of work involved and that we are glad to have him do it."

Thanks Jeff.

Kosky Racing

Allen Johnson
Allen Johnson

"I’m getting real comfortable in the Mopar Dodge Avenger. "The new, formed seat deal gave me a little problem in the beginning. I didn’t like the constrictive feeling. I got used to it, though, moved around a little bit, and moved the belts around a little, and it felt better every run. I’ve been cutting consistent lights."
Allen Johnson